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"As a member of Freedom Fitness, I thoroughly enjoy the complete array of classes that are offered. I leave class feeling energized with my endorphins kicked in at full throttle. The team includes experienced and highly skilled instructors who are all interested and motivated to offer everyone the opportunity to participate at the pace which is comfortable in meeting individual needs. This is further enriched by an environment that is always welcoming to newcomers. Whether starting the day with Breakfast Yoga and having accomplished a renewed sense of spiritual energy, inner strength and balance or ending the day after a sweat induced aerobics Loaded Cardio class, or Step class or a Zumba program, Freedom Fitness is the place to come and participate. It is very easy to get addicted to such a fabulous fitness facility." ~Jackie

"Being new to the area, and not having done any structured work outs in over 5 years, I was very intimidated to join a fitness group. However, upon walking into Freedom Fitness, I was greated by upbeat, down to earth instructors who wanted to make my experience fun. And it is fun!I lost the 10 extra pounds I'd been carrying around within the first 6 week of joining. And yoga class with Tracy B has really helped my flexiblity. I have chronic lower back pain, and honestly I can say I don't notice it much anymore. The class is self paced and just what I need to get the week started right!Another great thing about Freedom Fitness is the group of people you 'work out' with. I've met several people who I now call friends and look forward to seeing - in and out of class!" ~Kelly

"My husband and I have been attending Freedom Fitness the last few years. I really enjoy the variety of different classes. I participate in Step, Muscle Pump, Zumba, and Yoga. My husband enjoys Muscle Pump. We find that attending the same fitness program helps us stay motivated to keep coming. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in 2012, and we are planning a trip to Punta Cana for a wedding renewal ceremony. Our goal is to get as close as we can to our wedding weight!!! Freedom Fitness will help us achieve this BIG goal." ~Husband & Wife, Jackie and Tony

"I am a "senior" who has had back and neck problems for many years. It seemed like every exercise routine I tried always made my condition worse. Thank goodness I found Freedom Fitness, where I have met with much success in a healthy exercise program. I have been going to Muscle Pump class since Sept. and can't believe that I am working on every part of my body and lifting weights at my age! Tracy B. has been very patient with me, and gives a "personal touch" to each person in the class. I feel like I have a personal trainer for a great price! When I can, I also enjoy Zumba classes, where I can focus on the cardiovascular aspect while having fun! My doctor is thrilled that I have made exercise a priority and I am feeling so much healthier. Thank you Freedom Fitness!" ~Mary

"I have on Boniva for Osteopenia for six years. After taking a bone density test to check my bones, it came out normal. I thank all the exercise including Muscle Pump, Zumba Toning and Pilates for my good news. I am now off Boniva and very happy of the outcome." ~Dell