Payment Options

🌟Our 21 Days for $21 trial membership is a great way to see what it’s like to have a membership with us! You’ll receive our unlimited in-person & virtual classes without needing to pre-register for each class. NOTE: This is a 1-time offer.  Click Here for 21 Days Trial Membership!

🌟Our $10 drop-in classes! You’ll need to sign up prior to each class by clicking “reserve” next to the class you want to try on our website schedule here: Click Here for Drop-In Class Sign Up!

🌟Membership: Unlimited In-Person & Virtual Classes are $57/month with manual option. If you sign up for auto-pay, you’ll receive the discounted rate of only $47/month:  Click Here for No-Contract Membership!

🎉 Our On Demand access to over 2000+ Freedom Fitness class videos is an additional $10/month: Click Here for On Demand Classes!

We are contract free and you can sign up anytime!